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Activate ELD Integration
Activate ELD Integration

Connect your ELD with Vektor for better accuracy, automated load tracking, and more real-time data enabling actionable insights.

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Integrate your ELD with Vektor TMS to streamline your trucking operations on a single, powerful back office platform. Leverage the benefits of AI-driven dispatch, real-time load tracking, and efficient schedule management.

Step 1 - Locate your ELD provider

To start linking your assets and drivers from Samsara please navigate to "Settings -> Integrations" and ELD section select "Connect" next to appropriate ELD.

*If you don't find your ELD listed on integrations page, please press on

and we will try to process your ELD integration within 5 business days.

Step 2 - Link Your ELD

ELD Links will be available in two ways:

1. oAuth - Linking you to authenticate our connection from ELD provider's interface like in the example below

2. Entering API credentials - in most of the cases you would need an API key from your ELD provider that is associated with your account, and needs to be entered in the integration profile

Step 3 - AutoLink or manually link your equipment

Connect Vektor with assets from ELD providers, ensuring accurate load tracking, or enable auto linking right away and let the system do the matching.

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