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Mastering the Dispatch Screen in Vektor
Mastering the Dispatch Screen in Vektor

Streamline Your Operations with Vektor's Efficient Dispatch Screen

Updated over a week ago

The Dispatch screen in Vektor is a robust tool designed to maximize efficiency, giving you full control in one single page. This feature-rich screen provides dispatchers with quick and easy access to crucial information about their trucks and schedules, streamlining the entire process.

Here's a rundown of what you can do:

  1. Manage ELD: Access Electronic Logging Device data directly from the Dispatch screen, ensuring optimal planning if linked with an ELD provider.

  2. Online Status: You have the option to manage your drivers' online status and set them to offline if needed.

  3. Quick Info Sharing: Quickly share driver information such as truck number, trailer number, contact information, and more. Simply copy and paste this information into an email thread with your broker.

  4. Location Tracking: Monitor your trucks' locations and view them on Google Maps for route planning.

  5. Schedule View: Customize how many days you see in the schedule based on your preference and operation type, from a three-day view to a two-week period.

  6. Filtering: Use filters to focus on specific drivers or loads and easily switch between weeks.

  7. Load Preview: Preview load details without leaving the screen, including information about payments and load specifics.

  8. Manage Capacity List: This can be done directly from the Dispatch screen.

  9. Add Time Off: If a truck is scheduled for a time off, you can add it here.

  10. Add New Load: Simplify the process of adding new loads by just inputting them here and assigning as needed.

  11. Drafts: In the process of adding different loads? Save your work as drafts which follow you on the cloud and are accessible from any computer.

The Dispatch screen is designed to allow dispatchers to keep an eye on their fleet, add loads quickly, manage the capacity list, and plan schedules ahead of time. It truly optimizes the view of your truck capacity, making the dispatch process a breeze.

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